Welcome to my Texas Wedding Cellist music site!

I live in the Texas hill country and provide acoustic solo cello music for wedding ceremonies in and around the Texas hill country.

As a classically trained professional cellist, my 20 plus years of experience includes performing with orchestras, solo concerts, recordings, various chamber ensembles, as well as hundreds of weddings.

Along with my professional experience, I received a Master’s degree in cello performance from the University of Texas at Austin and currently perform with the Austin Opera.

One of the important qualities that has made me a successful wedding musician, is that I pride myself on prompt communication with people like you to help you choose personal and meaningful music for your special day. I would be honored to perform at your wedding ceremony!

Elegant solo cello

Whether you’re being wedded at a farm, barn, church, home or having an elopement party, the cello represents the perfect instrument for intimate and large gatherings without amplification.

The cello is as an instrument that is close to the human voice, from its rich low register to its high singing upper registers. Musically, the cello can perform all the melodic virtuosic solos that you hear on a violin.

With its immense register, I can perform many styles of music from classical, pop and rock. Providing this versatility means, all of the popular and classical wedding ceremony selections you’re accustomed to hearing in wedding string quartets, sound amazing on solo cello.

I’ve put together a sample of some of the selections from my solo cello wedding list for you to hear for yourself. I sincerely hope Texas wedding cellist can accentuate and enhance  your significant union!


Texas Wedding Cellist 

Colin Ferguson

Serving the Texas Hill Country